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The Community Sports Complex – London

Project Scope: Design and construct a multi-court Padel tennis facility for a community sports complex.

Details: When The Community Sports Complex approached us with a vision to introduce Padel tennis to their facility, we embraced the challenge.

Our team meticulously designed and constructed a three-court Padel tennis facility complete with state-of-the-art lighting and fencing.

This project not only added a new dimension to the complex but also significantly increased community engagement and participation in sports.

Private Residence Retreat – Cornwall

Project Scope: Create a private Padel tennis court for a residential property.

Details: Turning a residential backyard into a Padel tennis oasis was a dream come true for our client. Working closely with the homeowner, we designed and built a custom Padel tennis court that seamlessly integrated with the surroundings.

The end result? A stunning court that not only elevated the property’s value but also provided endless entertainment for the family.

School Sports Advancement – Cumbria

Project Scope: Provide a high-quality Padel tennis court for a school’s sports facilities.

Details: The school was keen to diversify its sports offerings and boost student engagement. We installed a single Padel tennis court complete with safety measures for the school.

The court quickly became a popular spot among students, contributing to a more active and healthy school environment.

Sports Club Upgrade – Blackburn

Project Scope: Upgrade and expand a sports club’s Padel tennis facilities.

Details: The sports club had an existing Padel tennis court that needed modernisation and expansion.

We revamped the court, added new features, and expanded it to accommodate multiple courts. The updated facilities attracted more members, making the sports club a hub for Padel enthusiasts in the area.

Fitness Centre Addition – Liverpool

Project Scope: Integrate a Padel tennis court into a fitness centre’s offerings.

Details: When the fitness centre wanted to diversify its fitness activities, they turned to us for a Padel tennis court installation.

Our team seamlessly integrated the court into the existing facility, creating a unique fitness offering that attracted a new clientele and increased membership.

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