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At Padel Tennis Court, we take immense pride in our dedicated and experienced team of professionals who work tirelessly to bring the joy of Padel tennis to communities across the United Kingdom. Get to know the passionate individuals who make up our team:

Callum Stone – Founder & Managing Director

With a lifelong passion for tennis and Padel, Callum founded Padel Tennis Court to combine his love for sports with his expertise in construction. As the driving force behind our company, Callum ensures that every project we undertake meets the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction.

Claire Brown – Project Manager

Claire brings years of experience in project management to our team. Her keen eye for detail and organisational skills ensure that each Padel tennis court project is executed flawlessly, from inception to completion.

Mike Kay – Construction Supervisor

As our Construction Supervisor, Mike oversees the physical construction of Padel tennis courts. With a background in sports facility construction, he ensures that every court is built to perfection, meeting safety and quality standards.

Ella Wilson – Customer Relations Manager

Ella is the friendly face you’ll interact with when you contact Padel Tennis Court. She is passionate about Padel tennis and is dedicated to ensuring your experience with us is seamless and enjoyable. Ella is always ready to answer your questions and provide the support you need.

David Bailey – Court Surface Specialist

David is our go-to expert when it comes to court surfaces. He helps clients choose the right surface material for their Padel tennis court project and ensures that it’s installed to perfection.

Sophia Clarke – Marketing & Communications Manager

Sophia is responsible for spreading the word about Padel tennis and our services. With her marketing expertise, she ensures that our company reaches sports enthusiasts and potential clients across the UK.

James White – Maintenance and Support Technician

After the construction is complete, James steps in to ensure that your Padel tennis court remains in top condition. He handles maintenance and support, making sure your court is safe and ready for play year-round.

Our Installation Team

Our installation team comprises dedicated and skilled professionals who are passionate about Padel tennis. From site preparation to court assembly, this team is at the heart of transforming your vision into reality.

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